Popular Solo Piano Pieces Of The Classical Era

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Halle Fields
Professor Swanson
Understanding Music
21 October 2015
Popular Solo Piano Pieces Any intermediate pianist will recognize that there are popular solo pieces that they, along with almost every other pianist, will perform at some point during their career. This theme, entitled “Popular Solo Piano Pieces”, encompasses a collection of ten piano solos that are performed by many developing pianists. While these pieces are popular among musicians today, it can be noted that the majority of these pieces are popular among the general public and can be found in movies, television, and many other varieties of mainstream media. Among these pieces it is apparent that the development of sonata form during the Classical Era was revolutionary to the writing of music and there is a trend that in the majority of these popular solo piano pieces follow sonata form.
Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata op. 13 no. 8 in c minor. First movement: Grave
Beethoven, being a bridge between the Classical and Romantic eras, wrote many pieces influenced by both times. The Pathétique Sonata also follows a typical sonata form with 3 movements, the first movement being the most popular to be performed as a solo. The first movement, Grave, also follows sonata form with an introductory theme before introducing three main themes in c minor, e-flat minor, and E-flat Major, respectively. The development contains variations on all three themes and the introduction

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