K. 332 First Movement Analysis Essay

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Mozart Sonata No. 12 in F Major
K. 332
First Movement
Rachel Gilmore
MTC 461.001
November 26, 2012

The first movement of Mozart’s piano Sonata No. 12 in F Major is written fairly typically in the very structured sonata form. Historically is follows the main guidelines that were understood for the form. Harmonically, is progresses like expected. There are a few surprises here and there, but they are typical for Mozart’s compositions, especially his sonatas of the 18th century. In all, it makes a very interesting piece of work, especially with so much contrast within it.
The formal structure of the first movement is sonata form. Not only is this evident in the title but it is very clear after an analysis of the piece has been done. …show more content…

The No. 12 F Major sonata is a great example. The first movement in itself has seven different melodic devices.
The harmony tends to stay within the realm of normal for the 1700’s. There are places, though, where Mozart again drifts from common practices. Mozart was fairly well known for his inventive bridge sections during the expositions of his sonatas. In these bridge sections, Mozart would begin a theme on v (minor), ♭III, III, VI, or V that eventually creates the false sense of having transposed to the dominant V key. Often Mozart would proceed to the tonic sounding V with an augmented sixth chord. He does just this in Sonata number 12, as shown in the example on the top of the next page in measures sixty-four through sixty-seven. VI7 ii7 V7 Ger+6 V
Mozart begins a harmony on a Major sixth chord and leads into a V with a seventh chord, giving a dominant to tonic feel. He further gives this effect by leading into another V with the augment sixth German chord that has been filled out with a perfect fifth and a major third above the A♭ bass. Though the augmented sixth chord is voiced unorthodoxly, it gives the same effect.
The chord structure of this work is very functional. Cadence points are fairly clear and the phrases are usually of a

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