Population Pollution On The Environment

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Population changes can occur for a few reasons which include birth and death rates and people moving from one area to another. Over the last few centuries the world’s population has continued to rise at an average of 84 million people per year (Macionis, 2014, p. 630). This can be attributed to the all of the studies of new medications, vaccines, and the learning of healthy lifestyles to expand one’s life. While the world has this huge population, not every country or state is equally populated. Per Macionis (2014) some people will migrate from area to another for many different reasons such as lack of employment, cost of living difference, and some are forced to move due to lack of available resources in their area. These changes in …show more content…

People living closely together in areas tend to form bonds. Also, doctors and community agencies work together to try and help stabilize the population by using birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. By doing this it helps keep some of the population increase under control, which in turn saves some of earth’s resources and helps fight against poverty. There is also the social conflict approach to show the effects of population change. Per Macionis (2014) the social conflict approach sees society as an arena of inequality that causes conflict and change. The rich have an easier time accessing healthcare, education, and higher paying jobs. While the poor have a harder time continuing education, accessing affordable healthcare, and obtaining well-paying jobs. Over the last few years there have been a few programs in place to help ensure that all children get a good education and the help they need to succeed (ex: Every Student Succeeds Act). However, those that are wealthier will reside in areas that have catholic and private schools, which are better than public schools. Also, per Macionis (2014) it is noted that women who live in richer areas tend have lower birth rates, compared to the women that live in poorer areas who have higher birth rates. With the higher birth rates among the poor, poverty is also high. Unfortunately, in areas with high poverty there is also more liter, less resources, and increased health problems among those living there.

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