Populist and Progressive Movements

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Populist And Progressives The Populists and Progressive were two major movements that occurred during the outbreaks of the workers union after the civil war. The populists began during the late 1800s and the progressives began during the 1900s. There are many differences between these two movements, but yet both of these movements have many things in common. During this time, farmers united to protect their interests by creating a major political party. This party was known as the Peoples Party, which became known as the Populist Party. Populists drew their strength from rural areas as many Populists tended to mostly be poor and uneducated. They had ideas such as government ownership of major industries. Progressives, also affected by industrialization, began their movements in order to reestablish their society. The Populists supported labor demands, such as people in the labor force only being allowed to work eight-hour workdays. The Populists tried to encourage more governmental control over the banking systems as well as governmental control over the operation of the nation's railroad and communication systems. One of the most controversial Populist demands was the money supply. Farmers saw inflation as a way to improve their way of living as the price level of their crops began to rise. The farmers also planned to expand the money supply at on point. Progressivism began in the early 1900s. Progressivism was mostly centered in the cities and
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