Pornland By Gail Dines: Chapter Summary

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Samantha Hirte Anthony Nownes POLS 312 20 July, 2015 PornLand: A Book Review Gail Dines’ analytical book, “PornLand: How Porn Has Hijacked our Sexuality,” delves into the ins and outs of the porn industry and how it is impacting our society. Dines views porn as being destructive and is very much opposed to its many forms, it potential effects on men and their behavior, and its societal effects. PornLand is a feminist attack on the effect of porn on society. Dines is very adamant in getting her point that porn is bad across. However, this book has a mixed up plot and a fragmented philosophical base. The two plot lines are one: the sexualization of society is causing the obectification of women and two: the internet is making porn more accessible and in response making more hardore porn the norm. Dines tries to tie these two plot lines together but ultimately fails. The first plot is actually her argument, while the second is just emotional overlay. Often, it feels as though she is making an argument based on the first plot line and …show more content…

"When feminists in the 1960s and ’70s fought for sexual liberation, they fought for the right to want, desire, and enjoy sex—but on their own terms. They argued that their sexuality had been defined by men, and they wanted it back." The simple phrase "on their own terms" gives the masquerade away. It also explains her strong preference for the blank male. She sees a society wherein women broke free from sexual norms of the society so that they could become the sole actors in determining sexuality. However, in order for her sexual paradise to occur there can be no push back, no Hegelianistic dialectical materialism. The thesis of sex on feminine terms can only succeed if there is no male antithesis and thus no synthesis. This requires the blank male. But here we also see a breakdown in her assertion of the entirely socially programmable blank

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