Portrayal Of The Working Class In Langston Hughes's Good Morning Revolution

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During the Great Depression, the prominence of communism grew in the African American community due to the intense racial discrimination, which often left African Americans struggling to live. Langston Hughes was one of many who related to the communist ideals of equality. In his poem, Good Morning Revolution, he showcases the inequality between the elite and the working class, and the desperation the workers feel for a revolution. Thus, Langston Hughes’ portrayal of the suffering working class highlights the societal problems that America face, which motivates workers to create change for themselves. The harsh inequality towards the working class leads workers to be dissatisfied with society, and seek for change. To begin, due to…show more content…
The message of revolution is tied to the USSR, and by establishing this connection, Hughes encourages workers to seek their own revolution. Moreover, the pain for their broken society and hope for a better future incentivizes the workers to fight for change. Langston Hughes motivates the workers, declaring “Sign it with my one name: Worker/On that day when no one will be hungry, cold oppressed,/Anywhere in the world again.” (57-59) By envisioning America to have a revolution similar to the USSR, Hughes wishes that workers around the world will be united and never face any injustice again. He declares that workers must create change for themselves, and only then will they have equality. To conclude, the workers are motivated to fight for change as they are tired of a society working against them. The attitude of the elite and inequality between the classes motivates the workers to seek for equality. To begin, the elite oppress the working class in order to feel a sense of security in their own social status. Langston Hughes describes the elite’s perception of revolution, stating “He called up the police/And told’em to watch out for a guy/Named Revolution” (8-13) The elite tries to ensure that revolution will never be feasible by labelling the personification of revolution as something criminal, and manipulating the justice system to benefit them

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