Poseidon Shares Qualities Of Jesus?

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Poseidon Shares Qualities of Jesus! Poseidon was worshipped by most of the population in Ancient Greece. The Greeks prayed, worshipped, and devoted their lives to pleasing the gods. One of the main gods they worshipped was Poseidon. They prayed to him on a daily basis; they prayed for fish in the sea, no storms, and safe sea travels. When they upset him, Poseidon had the power to create storms and drown people in the sea. Although Poseidon was mythological, the people of the time still believed he was truly there and controlled many aspects of their lives. Poseidon was powerful, trusted, and a savior to the people of Ancient Greece; he was like the ‘Jesus of Ancient Greek Mythology’ because he shared the same qualities as Jesus Christ, the Christian and Catholic savior. Jesus Christ was born around 4 BC, and believed to be the the true Son of the true God the Father. Jesus performed miracles on Earth, preached about God, and was crucified. He was then crucified by a man named POntius Pilate, for committing treason. Since Jesus was the Son of God, he had the power to stop His crucifixion, but he didn’t. He didn’t in order to save all of humanity; the Nicene Creed states Jesus saved us, “for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven” (Nicene Creed). Jesus has been worshipped since then; people pray to Him, dedicate churches to praising Him, and teach his teachings.
Poseidon and Jesus were both extremely powerful. Poseidon was able to create massive storms, drown

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