Position And The Violation Of Norway And Japan

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Norway and Japan are at liberty on how naturally occurring resource in their territory is utilized. No country in the world should dictate resource usage for another. Although regulation has to be put in place to guard against exploitation, the laws should be reached by mutual agreement and not by coercion. The ban is an outright violation of Japan and Norway’s sovereignty. How can one country in the globe dictate laws in isolation and come up with sanctions for non-compliance without mutual agreement between all parties? It is also critical to note that the actions of some of these people do not endanger the species of animal concerned. Although the number of whales in these countries would decrease over time, any concerned group should …show more content…

Even though the outside community might not understand some of these practices, the people involved in such activities enjoy these actions. For example the reed dance in South Africa might seem vague to someone from another country but the ladies in the dance do it without any form of inhibition. The Argungu fishing festival in Nigeria is a cultural heritage for the people from Kebbi State. It is a largely celebrated fishing event in the area. The people in these communities have come to accept it as a cultural heritage. It even draws participants and viewers from Nigeria and the rest of the world even though it depletes the number of fish in the area. Prizes are even awarded to whoever catches the biggest fish in the festival. Taking away such an event from these people would only create animosity and hostility. My opinion on the economics of whalingdoes not factor into my comments. I strongly believe that money should not be the number one factor in the interaction between nations. The economic impact of whaling is not felt only by the countries involved. It also extends to the external community. The usage claims by Norway and Japan need to be balanced. This process is however one that needs to be dealt with caution. Negotiations and coercion is a key factor. The international community must not apply pressure. In fact, if Japan and Norway are hell-bent on depleting the entire whales in their regions, the international

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