Role Of Whaling In Canada

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1. The dispute was motivated, to a small extent, by the genuine desire to protect the Canadian culture. That is because the government felt that the magazine companies which had a long history covering local news and employed a long chain of Canadians, couldn't be allowed to collapse. It would mean the disappearance and extinction of what some Canadians at, the, time, identified with.

2. I would imagine that the magazine industry, employees, politicians and labor unions all exerted pressure on the government since their source of income came under threat. The economics for all these groups were deteriorating with every passing month, and all other market dynamics were not working in their favor. That left them …show more content…

I do not agree with Japan and Norway since all global agreements should be followed. Allowing these nations to continue whaling despite all other countries complying may lead to a dangerous precedent where many nations living with endangered species like Lions and elephants will also follow suit and demand exemption

2. The whaling ban does not constitute the violation of sovereignty since many other nations are similarly bound by the same International Commission ban. Japan and Norway are not the only nations affected by the ban.

3. Formation of a committee comprising of every country affected by the ban. A representative from each country should sit on the board, and each one should be assigned one vote for settling disputes in case consensus fails. That will discourage some of these nations from pursuing exemptions when other countries are equally affected.

4. Cultural activity is any habit that a community has identified with for a considerable period of their history but which does not infringe on someone's else right or break any active law, whether local or international.

5. Not at all. That is because there are very many other species of fish which these small villages cash catch for their economic

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