Positive And Negative Effects Of Internationalism

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Internationalism is a unifying force that has the power to impact every nation in the world and allow for their common good to be apprehended. Through ideal internationalism, political life can be regulated at the global level to construct a more peaceful structure. It has the potential to affect people in both positive and negative ways. Overcoming the difficulties that comes from executing internationalism is one of the key aspects of nationalism, it is up to the governing bodies to conquer it or not.
In the first source, there is an image of a graph that depicts the foreign aid contribution target expected from top nations by the United Nations. There is an apparent disparity between the percentage expected and the percentage received from most countries. I believe this source is displaying the inability of first world nations to uphold and fulfill their duties to the developing countries. This inadequacy of developed countries to contribute to the growth of the international community comes from them not being able to put their national interests aside and work towards the global common good. This diagram epitomizes the extent to which global unity is hindered by the greed and the unwillingness of developed nations. Although there is no clear perspective showcased in this source, it represents data this source exposes the failure of the first world in their responsibility to protect. The United States holds its place as the greatest superpower in the world in current

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