Positive Description Of A Family Park

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Positive description: Family Park is a very beautiful park situated in an attractive town. On a peaceful, calm summer night the huge trees looks extraordinary awesome and enhance the silence, calm beauty of the park. Park is surrounded by a fence. Branches of trees are heavy and thick covered with lush green fresh leaves. These branches are bowed to finely cut green grass. Park seems like a fairy land due to the moonlight reflecting through the huge trees and plants. People are sitting on the benches. Cool breeze is kissing on their cheeks softly. Wind is ruffling the hairs of people. People are relaxing there feeling free from all worries. Flowers beds are fully loaded with multicolor flowers. Sweet fragrance of flowers surrounds the whole park. Green grass is soothing the eyes of people. Walking tracks are made nicely with bricks. People are walking and jogging on tracks. …show more content…

The tall, huge giants like trees are presenting a frightful scene. Silence of park is pointing to a death scene. Trees shadow falling on grass looked like small ghosts. Moonlight moving through the leaves is like lightening in thunder. Fence that surrounds the whole park is smashed. Gust of cold Wind is making horror, disturbing sounds. Dust bins are full of trash producing pungent smell. Land of park is all barren. Benches are covered with bird’s waste producing unbearable smell. Benches are empty as no one is interested to visit the park. Swings are broken and dwindling. Muddy water is standing under the rides. Walking tracks are wrecked. Children are shouting loudly making the environment crazy. Dogs are moving freely and barking in the park, ruining all flowers bed. Park is seems to a home for witches. Dried leaves make a bed on grass. Ting insects are buzzing here and there. Yellow light coming from lamps is dim creating a scene of stress. Stray cats are there to snatch the food from people. Park is look like the

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