Positive and Negative Effects of Ageism Essay

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Ageism, the Third Great “ism”
“Ageism has been called the ultimate prejudice, the last discrimination, the cruelest rejection,” Stein (unpublished). We as a people have defeated for the most part racism and sexism, but we have allowed the third great “ism” to remain unchallenged. “This widely practiced prejudice has gone on for generations and is known as ageism,” (Palmore, Erdman, Ballagh (1999). By definition, according to Webster’s Dictionary, it is discrimination against person’s of a certain age group. Ageism includes both positive affect and a negative connotation with any given age group. It is predominately seen as a reflection on the elderly. Positive aspects of ageism on the elderly include medical care, discounts and tax …show more content…

Medicare is not the only benefit seniors receive from their government. Taxes can be greatly affected by age. For instance, many elderly receive tax breaks and extensions based on their social security benefits as well as reductions and tax-cuts on certain holdings and investments. So with Roth IRAs, 401k the elderly is only taxed upon withdrawal. Discounts are available everywhere for the elderly from restaurants to cruise ships. Normally, with higher prices bring bigger discounts. Ageing workers are more skilled, knowledgeable, and more proficient than their younger counterparts. Often times it can be said that the “older people” are more intelligent, practical, intuitive, extremely flexible and very strategic in their work ethic, planning and can be considered “intelligent” in life’s well learned lessons that come with age and wisdom. Being positive and using an example in this way between aging and greater wisdom, one tends to have a greater degree of patience, greater understanding and wisdom that parallels life’s pathway. “Many elders in foreign countries are considered to be esteemed and held in high regard,” (Applebaum, Bardo, Robbins (2103). Some studies show that interests, motivation and skill does not decline with age, nor does a person’s work performance suffer due to aging. Aging workers also receive higher salaries due to their tenure. Finally, there is no data to show that older workers cost more to insure than younger

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