Positivity In Lord Of The Flies

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We all look for a helpful solution to our lives in hopes to succeed in everything we set out for, but we're never dealt a perfect deck. The only way we can truly succeed in our lives is to view ourselves positively and make the personal choice to be happy. Although at times positivity can be unhelpful and unreasonable, going about every situation as an opportunity to have a positive attitude will allow us to enjoy all the wonders life has to offer. Sometimes in life its important to consider that looking at things through other perspectives can help fully come to terms with a situation. In the book Lord of the Flies it was evident that the children used the horrible situation they were thrown into, to create a living they were not …show more content…

Looking on the "brighter side" of things encourages positive attitudes as well as positive behavior. Shay Carl is a YouTube personality whom I've watched constantly for self motivation, he turned his life around through making the personal choice to wake up everyday and smile, and to look at himself in the mirror and flaunt his features instead of being ashamed to take his shirt off at the beach. At age 25 he weighed 350 pounds. Everyday he looked at himself with shame and disgust, he refused to allow positivity into his life because he believed there was nothing positive about himself that needed praise. One day he decided to stop the pity and to be happy even when he didn't want to, even when life would through massive curve balls at him, he was optimistic at all costs. He lost 200 pounds and had 5 kids. Carl posted daily videos of his progress in hopes to inspire other to follow in his footsteps. With over 4 million subscribes, he managed to create a unity of positive people with the same hopes as he did; to change their lives simply by choosing happiness. A positive attitude leads to a positive life. There are numerous aspects to being an optimist, and making the personal choice to be happy is only the first step to

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