Possible Methods of Sustainability at University of Ottawa

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Environmentally, the University of Ottawa’s campus is constantly under construction, looking for new and greater ways to promote sustainability. A way to identify the problems around campus is by doing surveys. UOttawa’s Global Environmental Challenges Class has conducted one regarding services and programs around campus that move towards a more environmentally friendly campus. The students verbally carried out these surveys to students, professors and other staff members to acquire their level of knowledge on the subject. The data was compiled and graphed to develop the statistics in order to measure these levels. The end result was that very few students actually knew anything concerning the services and programs themselves. Specifically, the male gender had the least interest or comprehension of the subject. As a result of this, to make a difference, communication regarding the services and programs clearly needs to be elevated from a whisper to a shout if there is to be success in a greener awareness on campus. It is no secret that this great planet shares a number of problems; climate change, land management, the amount of waste we generate, but one of its biggest faults is the fact that we are exhausting its natural resources at an astonishing rate. Whether it is water, energy, food or natural resources such as trees, oils and minerals, it is known that we are well into the overdraft as far as our carrying capacity is concerned. The major question now, is can we move

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