Post College World : A Utopia Or A Mirage?

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Post-College world: A utopia or a mirage?
College education has consistently remained the most significant factor dividing the haves and the have-nots in the United States. A diploma does not merely bring increased earning, social status, but even a better choice of marriage partner (Cohen). Anya Kamenetz wades right into the current zeitgeist of college affordability by arguing that we may have reached a post-college world in which graduates armed with formal education and credentials will cede to the creative and curious self-learners. It is not an accident that this image is starkly similar to the mythical pull-yourself-by-bootstraps entrepreneur of the Silicon Valley who vanquishes the dull suited MBA to conquer the castle of economy. Indeed the coinages “edupunks” and “edupreneurs” point to such relationship. And yet, is the fabled Silicon Valley formula applicable or even desirable in education?
Kamenetz skips such questions despite being confronted by them on several occasions. Instead, like a good post-modern writer, she ignores any value judgement, instead she arguing that her thesis as a product of historical progress. This historical project began the sixteenth century when the foundations of colleges were laid down, continued during the establishment of the modern Universities in the early to mid twentieth century and finally has reached its conclusion in the modern Universities where the students are offered not only a large number of courses to choose from,

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