Post Independence : New Developments And New Challenges Essay

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Post-independence: New developments and New Challenges
After independence, the state made some significant changes in order to enhance production. Even though the funds provided were not adequate enough to make high quality films, some Moroccan filmmakers managed to achieve unprecedented success. Besides, it was visible that the only role cinema could play at that era was to reflect the ongoing social and political transitions especially that some new male and female directors made their first appearance in Moroccan cinema. Therefore, moving toward a new phase did not happen in soft ways because Moroccan filmmakers faced financial and technical hindrances. However, Moroccan cinema started to detach itself gradually from the impact of France by experiencing new film techniques. Moroccans engagement in Cinema at the beginning of the 70s reflects, convincingly, the filmmakers’ search for their identity and their socio-cultural role. This chapter explores the major characteristics of Post-independence cinema and the procedures carried out by the state to develop it. Accordingly, the regulations introduced by the CCM so as to enhance production and improve quality. It also presents specific information regarding some of the prominent films and filmmakers of that period. The purpose of the latter investigation is to delve into the core particularities of Moroccan film at the beginning of the 70s and to examine the extent to which the social transitions society is reflected in its
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