Analysis Of The Movie ' Casablanca '

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Casablanca, first released on January 23rd, 1943 is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces of Classical Hollywood film. Written and released in the midst of World War Two it explores themes such as love, desire and especially sacrifice. Although the love story of the protagonists is the cause and catalyst for most of the narrative, one would not necessarily associate it with the conventional Classical Hollywood love story. Rather as a fabula based on the principle of the importance of sacrifice in order to overcome a common enemy, in this case the Nazis. Casablanca does indeed contain many of the common characteristics identified with the Classical Hollywood film. An example being the the way director, Michael Curtiz used a mainly chronologically ordered narrative structure and the utilisation of a Cause and Effect chain. In this essay I will looking at the various ways I believe this film does fall into the criteria of a Classical Hollywood narrative and also how some could perceive that it does not.

From the opening sequence one can establish that Casablanca obeys the elementary principles used in the Classical Hollywood narrative structure. In the initial minutes of the film the audience is introduced via a voice over of the various political happenings prior to the films start such as Hitler’s occupation of Europe and the surge of refugees who fled the Nazi’s to Casablanca. The use of narration presents the audience with a simple introduction which the rest of

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