Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Case Study

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Matthew was in a car crash last year. The crash was frightening, and the man in the other car died. Matthew thought he was lucky. He lived through the accident and he was not badly injured.
Matthew felt fine for a while, but then things began to change. He stared to have nightmares every night. When he was awake, he could see the crash happening over and over in his mind. He delft anxious every time he rode in a car, and tried to avoid it as much as he could. Matthew started bickering with his wife over little things, and yelling at his children. Matthew started drinking every day so he wouldn't have to deal with his problems.
Matthew's wife asked him to see his doctor, who explained Matthew he has experienced trauma and it may have caused PTSD. Matthew's doctor put him in touch with a doctor trained to help those who may be experiencing PTSD. Soon Matthew began treatment.
As seen in Matthew's story, we can tell that he has
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It is explained in Nancy Andreason’s (2010) article, Post-traumatic stress disorder: a history and a critique that “the name first appeared in 1980, the concept of the disorder has a very long history.” The article goes on the explain that the history of post-traumatic stress disorder can be correlated to the antiquity of war. “The disorder has also been frequently described in civilian settings involving natural disasters, mass catastrophes, and serious accidental injuries. The diagnosis first appeared in the official nomenclature when Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-I was published in 1952 under the name gross stress reaction” (Anderson, 2010). Post-traumatic stress disorder has been referred to as a transient situational disturbance in the DSM II, and then considered an anxiety disorder in the DSM-III, but it is now listed under trauma disorders in the DSM-V. Figure 1 shows the history of how the term post-traumatic stress disorder came
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