Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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Countless studies are available that study the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and its effects on the populations in society - primarily concerning those involved in conflict - specifically the male soldiers and civilians in these areas of conflict. The three studies talked about in this paper specifically focus on these points: 1) Identification of traumatic stress symptoms under conflict and the numerous variations between individuals which develop said symptoms. 2) The observation of variations/levels of trauma experienced with previous trauma experienced pre-deployment. 3) Subsequent effects of assessment and treatment of the levels of PTSD that can be alluded to observations of risk factors in past studies. This paper strives to …show more content…

The Impact of Antecedent Trauma Exposure and Mental Health Symptoms In Searle et al.’s (2017) journal article, it was found that individuals - specifically soldiers of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) - with results being that “deployment trauma and PTSD and depressive symptoms at post-deployment were stronger for personnel with greater antecedent trauma” (2017 p. 1). Direct associations were also made between antecedent trauma and post-deployment mental health problems, as well as being associated with more obvious antecedent mental health problems. This directly correlates with Greene et al.’s study stated previously. Conclusions can be made from this study. Particularly, the conclusion that the presence of antecedent, non-deployment traumas are an existence, and may not necessarily correlate with the trauma due to deployment. Thus, the assessment and monitoring of such mental health before deployment is key. From this, several qualities can be gained, including but not limited to: improved mental health capabilities, improved military capability, and improved personal well being. In essence, the inclusion of a “screening” on possible soldiers pre-deployment would aid significantly, as outlying problems are capable of being pinpointed and thus treated if necessary, which thus correlates with Creech et al.’s study (2017).
PTSD Predict Outcome In Trauma-Informed Treatment In Creech et al.’s (2017) study, it was found that the

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