Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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care leads to not only veterans that suffer from PTSD but anyone that has had symptoms the thought of there is no way to escape that trauma unless they turn to alcoholism, drugs or anti-socialism to allow aid in the suppression the night terrors. What are the numbers like when you consider the massive amount of current military and veterans that have suffered or are currently suffering from the effects of PTSD? The NVVRS or National Veterans’ Readjustment Study, over one thousand Vietnam veterans in the year nineteen eighty-eight were reporting fifteen-point four percent currently having post-traumatic stress disorder. Now this was then put into as a percentage of who was suffering which came to thirty-one percent, this number to me seems …show more content…

Treatment for our veterans when it comes to PTSD has not changed much, this is due to the thinking that every case of PTSD is the same. As we do with a lot of other things we think are the same we group them together to try and solve multiple problems with just one medication or one form of therapeutically intervention. As we can see through years of research these accusations are not accurate at all, if anything grouping people together and not taking the time to individualize personal help leads to more problems than it was designed to fix. The Veterans Association (VA) does a lot to help veterans that need help receive help although this is the first step in assisting our wounded warriors we need to do more for them than just set up an organization that they go to three times a week to receive help and then are sent home when the government decides there is nothing the veteran can do to improve further or the funds for that veteran have been exhausted. Are we providing care that truly does contribute to our veterans in a productive way? Melissa Suran, the author of The Veterans Administration Provides Inadequate Care in Many Cases, shows how our system has failed Gil Rivera who was a Vietnam soldier that suffered dearly from PTSD. In this article Suran makes some very interesting points, one being that PTSD and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) are not the same due to the fact that PTS can sometimes stay below what is classified as a disorder although if your

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