Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder Essay

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, abbreviated as PTSD is an anxiety disorder that disrupts an individual’s memory, emotions, intellect as well as nervous response usually as a result of an extremely frightening, life threatening traumatic experience on oneself or another person usually. The experience may be harming physically or psychologically causing an interference with ones ability to cope with experiences that resemble the original trauma. The major symptoms characterizing PTSD include; anxiety and extreme fear occurring when the person experiences events that resemble the original trauma. Exposure to the trauma usually triggers a lot of fear, terror and a sense of helplessness leading to the individual suffering major depression. …show more content…

There exist several theoretical explanations of how PTSD comes about and persists. One such theory state that PTSD arises from occupational factors. The argument here is that individuals who operate in atmospheres that have exposure to traumatic experiences are likely to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the extremely frightening conditions. People categorized as likely to fall under this category include military, medical practitioners, police, firefighters, and therapists who deal with psychological matters. According to Downing, as the person is continually exposed to these conditions, there is likelihood of an intensely traumatizing event that may cause the disorder, and as the specialist deals with similar cases on a daily basis the traumatizing event may be recounted triggering PTSD (2). Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has several aspects that distinguish it from other anxiety disorders. As much as some of the symptoms may occur in cases of other anxiety disorders, the major symptoms of PTSD are known to persist for a period exceeding one month. Another distinctive characteristic of PTSD from other anxiety disorders is that it leads to intense clinically significant depression. The distress caused by PTSD is distinguishable in that it impairs the patient’s general way of life like social life, work output, as well as other major constituents of a normal life. Post Traumatic

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