Postsoumatic Stress Disorder In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet, a play written by shakespeare in 1601 is about a young man named Hamlet. He is a prince of Denmark, the dilemma is that his Father had died. At first he saw that his death was only an unfortunate event however with the occurrence of his father's ghost, he was told by his father himself that he was murdered by his own brother. Hamlet's uncle. To make matters worse, hamlet's uncle Claudius has become king due to his father's death. This showed the true intentions of claudius. In addition to that right after the funeral of hamlet's father king claudius announced that he and hamlets mother will be married. Not only did the king murder, he also in his words “whored his mother”. Faced with dilemma Hamlet plots his revenge against his uncle. He goes through various hurdles to be able to have a chance to murder his uncle but what ends up happening at the end that he finds out that his love ophelia dies along with his mother. So through his grief he takes his own life. Throughout the play Hamlet pretends to be mad in order to trick his enemies as well as manipulate others. However many people overlook the real person who show some sort of mental illness. Ophelia. Based on the play she shows sign of PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Which could be common especially around this era. Ophelie is the love interest for hamlet and during the play displays odd behavior from time to time which is why i believe that she has PTSD. PTSD causes extreme stress and depression and could

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