Potholes Research Paper

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Potholes has been an issue for a long time and the state had not done anything to this problem yet. This is a problem for the Metro Detroit area. People are complaining about their cars being broken or their tires being popped because of the potholes. Also the reason why some people have an accident is because they have to avoid the potholes that are all over the streets. The people that fixes the streets takes them a whole year to fix it. Why does it take forever to fix a pothole on the street? They have the whole spring and summer to fix the potholes. Last year the mayor did promise that they will fix the potholes in the areas, but it never happened potholes are really an issue and we have to fix about that. The Hamtramck residents were tired of these potholes, so they decided to fix these potholes with their own hands. These groups of residents, who were the poorest in Hamtramck got together and bought a 900 pounds of cold …show more content…

Some of the states have snows also that's making the streets or roads to have potholes not only Michigan has a lot of potholes so is other states. When it comes to winter there is always potholes in the streets or roads. This article have talked about how mother nature left potholes on the roads plus it shows how dirty and old the streets are if there is a lot of potholes on the roads and on the street. This article is talking about the potholes that is affecting the global community and its getting worse by the day and until the government does something with the potholes. The bad roads are also having a major impact on our country's economy. This in the southern Africa that's having the same issue as we are here in the U.S. This article says if the motorist had speed their car and try on the potholes they might get an injury or death. They also had to put signs up for warnings that there are potholes in those

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