Poverty And Poverty Analysis

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Trying to figure out why there's so much poverty in America is a pretty loaded question. This problem could be attributed to so many different things going on in the world today both at the macro and micro levels. The macro point of view looks at society’s systems on a large scale, and the micro point of view looks at society’s systems on a smaller scale. These viewpoints offer very different explanations and ideas. It is important to look at the big picture because it helps us understand what the people in charge are doing to make change. The macro scale shows us how the government works, and the government's relationship with its citizens. The micro scale gives us a closer look at how each individual is handling the situation. It shows us both the good and bad. Both points of view are important when trying to figure out why so many people in America live in poverty because they work together to form one system. That system is then put on display for the world to see and then judge. There is a lot going on at the macro level, but one noticeable concern is how much power and influence large companies have in today's world. Last year in government class we talked about how about five percent of companies in America control about fifty percent of the income. In my opinion, that is absolutely ridiculous. Companies like Apple and Verizon have huge amounts control on our society because all the money flows through them. This also makes it incredibly hard to create more decent

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