Poverty And The United States Of America

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Poverty in the United States of America

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Statistics indicates a rise in poverty levels in most countries all over the world. In America, more than 15% of the population lives in poverty and deplorable living conditions. Poverty and homelessness are particularly high amongst children living in the United States. Poverty is considered as the inability to meet one’s basic needs due to lack of money. It is state of deprivation in which a person lacks and is unable to acquire the normal monetary sum or property and other possessions. In the United States, the poverty threshold is used by the government to measure the level of poverty in the country. The government implements different policies and programs to eradicate poverty depending on the level of poverty. The policies and programs are meant to improve the welfare of the poor in the society and enable them to improve their social status. This paper will entail research on poverty and the policies and programs implemented to eradicate poverty in the United States.
In the 1950s, the poverty levels were low in the United States. Low poverty levels were attributed to the booming of the economy and the increase in the average income. Despite the presence of ghettos, people had a high standard of living. African Americans lived in these ghettos in urban areas, and they enjoyed good living standards. Jobs were available, and this meant that a significant portion of the population was

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