Poverty In America

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Poverty in America

The current poverty rate in America is 13.5 percent (US Census Bureau). That measures out to roughly 43.1 million Americans. What exactly is poverty? Poverty means not having enough money to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. However, poverty is so much more than just not having enough money. Poverty is not having access to a doctor or medications you may need, poverty is not having access to a good education. Poverty can be the people who are barely able to pay for food and shelter and simply can’t afford other expenses such as car repairs, field trips with their children and any other extracurricular activity.
Most people are living in poverty due to the inability to find a job. Why are jobs so hard to come by? One reason may be that large corporations are outsourcing jobs to developing countries since workers there are willing to be paid less than the average American worker. Many chain stores have gone bankrupt and closed stores in underperforming cities. The jobs that are left are ones that pay minimum wage and for a family of five, that wage is simply not enough. Individuals may then make too much to be on public assistance, yet their fast food job pays enough to just cover their rent.
Since 1964, President Johnson declared an “unconditional war against poverty” in his State of the Union. The Johnson Administration passed many reforms such as the Social
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