Poverty : Causes And Consequences Of Poverty

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SECTION A: Cause and Consequences of Poverty:
a) Cause of Poverty:
When a country is facing a change in its’ trends such as economy, inadequate education, high rate of divorce, overpopulation, epidemic and spreading diseases such as AIDS, climate and environmental issues such as insufficient rainfall, it could be a potential victim of poverty someday.
Poverty is becoming so broad across Canada and approximately one out of seven people are living in poverty. There are some groups that are more likely to be affected by poverty. These groups include: people with physical or mental disabilities, single …show more content…

1. History: A considerable lot of poorest nations used to be colonies, slave-exchanging locales and districts from which resources had been efficiently surrendered for the upside of colonizing countries. Notwithstanding the way that there are striking exceptions (Australia, Canada and the U.S. being possibly the most unmistakable), for an expansive part of these past regions, colonialism and its legacies brought up the conditions that stopped numerous people from getting the opportunity to obtain land, capital, education and diverse resources that let people to support themselves effectively.
2. War and political instability: Both parts have much of the time been settling to histories of expansionism, however whatever the explanations behind war and political change, clearly prosperity, reliability and security are essential for subsistence and above that, economic thriving and advancement. It is an obvious sign that the poorest countries on the planet have all refined regular war and veritable political change at some point or another in the twentieth century, and an impressive part of them have weak governments that can 't or don 't guarantee people against violence.
3. National debt: Numerous poor countries pass on basic commitment stacks due to credits from wealthier nations and worldwide cash related associations. Poorer nations pay an ordinary of $2.30 paying off indebted individuals advantage for each $1 got in granting

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