The Social Causes Of Poverty

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THE SOCIAL CAUSES OF POVERTY USING SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION By Anya’ Burnett Soc 101 I01 Midlands Technical College (MTC) 03-03-2017 Abstract This review is formulated with scholarly sources and references based off of poverty in America. This disclosure is approached with a value free sociological approach, and it will give insight on the social causes of poverty and the effects it has on America. Poverty is a very controversial topic. Many will assume that people living in poverty are lazy, made bad life decisions, or that they are solely the reason for their predicament however, people living in poverty would argue that their are deeper issues for it. Poverty will be deeply explained and researched from both perspectives…show more content…
Here are just a few general reasons why people in America are living in poverty: epidemic causes, mental illnesses, lack of access to education, natural disasters, and corruption. So with that being said not all americans live in poverty because of the basic reasons that we assume. I will be conducting a research on the poverty rate, and the true factual reasons people are living in poverty and how us as a society can assist on giving back and helping the less fortunate. . REVIEW OF LITERATURE To being with poverty is defined as the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. In other words, according to the sociological dictionary poverty is defined as “the state of lacking the material (particularly income) and cultural resources that a person requires to live a healthy life.” Some sociologist have tended to explain poverty by referring to people’s moral failures, or dependency cultures. Sociologist have been trying for many years the art of balancing the importance of social structures (how society is basically organised) and the role of individual people’s independent choices and actions. “The reasons poverty rates remain high despite the [economic] recovery has to do with wage decline and failure of the “safety net” i.e, the government systems of taxes and transfers designed to ameliorate poverty.” (Scribner 2014) This quote is explaining why the poverty rate is not decreasing. It also means that the
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