Poverty, Education, Sanitation, Malnutrition, And Child Mortality

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There are been a consistent campaign to improve conditions around the world in regards to poverty, education, sanitation, hunger, and child mortality. Several non-government organization (NGO), charitable establishments, and non- profit corporations work to advance impoverished countries and decrease disparities. These agencies partner with local, national, and international institutions to promote their particular health or educational agenda. Although, these establishments face financial shortfalls at times, they have managed to improve condition around the world in some areas. Bolivia is a country with many complex cultures, geography obstacles, several indigenous populations, a history of political turmoil, and poverty. It is one of the poorest countries in South America. Bolivia faces many third world problems with poverty being the biggest factor for many of these issues. There are alarming figures with ratios that vary from six out of ten to nine out of ten live in poverty or extreme poverty in Bolivia (Castillo-Carniglia, Weisstaub, Aguiree, Aguilar, & Araya 2010).
The United Nations has developed Millennium goals to eliminate inequalities around the world. One of the intentions is to improve quality of life by extinguishing hunger and poverty globally. The purpose of this paper is to probe how poverty effects nutrition in the country of Bolivia and discuss possible strategies to effect change for better outcomes.
Health Data Bolivia is a country with ten

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