Poverty Essay

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Tiara Bradshaw
Mrs. Prince
ENG 0123
17 November 2017
Poverty is something that many have suffered or still suffer from today. Poverty has changed a lot of lives for many years now. Many countries like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe, and Niger are some of the poorest countries. This affects their education, society, environment, health, children, and even the crime rates. Poverty has become one of the greatest challenges in today’s society and is a major issue that is slowly trying to be solved over time. Education is something that is majorly affected by poverty. Schools that do not have a lot of money do not have the same amount of access to many resources as a school with a lot of money does. Not being …show more content…

Improper nutrition leads to poor health. A statement from the article “How Does Poverty Affect Education and Health?” says, “When children do not eat regular, well-balanced meals, their bodies are more susceptible to a variety of illnesses, like untreated ear infections and asthma.” Poverty causes stress which can lead to a higher risk of health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. the lack of physical activity in students who live in poverty affects their concentration. Some families of students who live in poorer neighborhoods do not believe it is safe for their young children to play outside. Even if there is a playground or park nearby, the violence that is associated with these neighborhoods keeps families indoors. This means students’ only get physical activity during the school’s physical education program or during a short recess.
Emotions do also relate to poverty and education. Students who live in poverty-stricken families encounter many situations that can seriously affect them socially and emotionally. Studies show that many of these students live in single-parent households. When only one adult provides for a child’s needs, that parent suffers a great deal of stress; they struggle financially, and they often are lacking rest. Eric Jensen, writing for ASCD, says, “If caregivers are stressed about health care, housing, and food, they’re more likely to be

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