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Poverty is like a disease with no definitive cure. It is plaguing our earth and infecting millions of people worldwide. Poverty is affecting children’s education and changing their future. There are also two other big problems. In the documentary, “The Dust Bowl”, farmers and their families, from the 1930’s, have to try to brave through the huge storms of dust coming towards them and the hardships that follow. North Korea is a dangerous place to live in and escape from with a cruel dictator in charge, as proved by the article, “Escape from North Korea.” Overall, poverty is the hardest challenge to overcome as seen in the article, “Fighting Poverty with Education.”

One of the utmost major problems we have in society today is poverty. …show more content…

To conclude, poverty is one of, if not, the most terrible problem in this world.

You may be thinking, “What about the two other problems that you talked about in your first paragraph?” Well, I have an answer to that. You might argue, North Korea is run by a Hitler-like dictator, who has inhuman punishments and strict rules and that is a truly terrible thing. But, unlike North Korea, poverty is inescapable, unfixable, and cannot be eliminated from our world. In the article Escape From North Korea, a young woman tells her story about her and her mother trying to escape North Korea, in her story she confirms that when people finally leave the country they are plagued by poverty and fear of being sent back to North Korea, poverty is now a big problem for them. You might also say, the Dust Bowl was a huge problem in the 1930’s that cost many people their lives and their jobs. Yes, that is terrible, but as more people died the more dust got worse and the more people out moved, costing them their jobs and their homes, they then had lost the job they had and their form of income, becoming poor. As you can see, all of the other problems lead to the one big problem, poverty. People who escape North Korea fall into poverty and people around during the dust bowl lost their jobs and money. Poverty is the real problem here.

Poverty is the hardest challenge to overcome because of these many reasons. Many people in our world are stuck in poverty and can’t

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