The National Housing Act Of 1934

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Poverty refers to the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support. Society often classifies this state as being poor. According to 805 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat, and nearly ½ of the world 's population lives on less than 2.50 dollars a day. states that 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty on less than 1.25 a day, 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty, and 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. These statistics are rather alarming, and the first step to finding a solution to this problem is determining the root cause. Many would ask how this transpired. The answer to this is also the determining factor of not only what happened but …show more content…

Spatial segregation has created low-income communities, which have a weak structural base due to the scarcity of the economic and human capital resources necessary for ascertaining and safeguarding community interests. These vulnerabilities will impact the insertion of these individuals’ status in society (Souza, Xavier, Rican, de Matos, & Barcellos, 2015). Spatial segregation generated poverty, which has impacted the world in many ways. High destitute levels have affected society by creating breeding grounds for ethnic hatred, inter-communal violence, and religious extremism in areas of low education. The lack of economic opportunities in poor regions has resulted in terrorism and revolutions across the globe. Poverty has created areas of poor sanitation due to the using of natural water supplies as latrines and waste dumps, which shrink the drinkable water supply. These communities suffer the harmful toxic effects of burn carbon-intensive fuels for cooking and heating. These communities suffer greatly in maintaining a strong foundation of human capital due to the lack of education and high infant mortality (Polak & Warwick, 2013). This problem, in turn, has resulted in areas contaminated with an increase of people with health issues (mental and physical), increased crime, lack of resources and education.
Combating global poverty is about proper domestic redistribution of resources,

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