Poverty Inequality By Harper Lee 's ' Kill A Mockingbird '

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Inequality in Justice

Equality means for all to be equal. However, this “equality” that is spoken of hardly exists in our society today and most definitely not in the past. Living in today’s society, many classifications are given to us. Things like gender, race, social status, wealth, background, age, and many other factors have come to define a single person in our world. Sadly, our world is full of prejudice that uses these classifications to it’s advantage. In the justice system, although we like to believe otherwise, there is inequality due to these classifications and our pre-conceived thoughts on a person, which is defined by single factors. Inequality is something that exists in this world, yet the majority of the world ignores
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[...] I don’t want anybody saying , “Jem Finch . . . his daddy paid a mint to get him out of that”” (273). Although Atticus helps to show that Justice is not seen as being equal to the more wealthy and prominent members of society, on the opposite side of the spectrum are the Ewells, who are treated with very little equality in the court. On page 227-8, Scout describes the Ewells as, “liv[ing] behind the town garbage dump in what was once a N---o cabin. [...] its roof shingled with tin cans hammered flat [...] Its windows were merely open spaces in the walls [...] Nobody was quite sure how many children were on the place [Ewell’s].” In court, Judge Taylor takes notice of what the community thinks of the Ewells and uses the prejudice against them to the advantage of the opposing side. During the trial, Judge Taylor helps the jury to see how the Ewells are uneducated and of a low class by stating to Mayella, “Now you’re a big girl, so you just sit up straight and tell the—tell us what happened to you. You can do that, can’t you? '"
Judge Taylor’s comments help the members of the jury and anyone spectating to see that the Ewells are clearly not reliable sources. Because of the Ewells’ socio-economic status, justice is not given equally to
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