Poverty Is A National Epidemic That Plagues Americans Across The Country Essay

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Poverty is a national epidemic that plagues Americans across the country. Imagine having to choose between the simple necessities of life, the decision of whether to buy toothpaste, toilet paper, or laundry soap. Which is most important, which will have the largest effect on the outcome of one 's life? Could something so small really change a person 's ability to survive? Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia states that “poverty is the economic condition in which people lack sufficient income to obtain certain minimal levels of health services, food, housing, clothing, and education generally recognized as necessary to ensure an adequate standard of living (“Poverty”). Poverty is a way of life that becomes an endless cycle of struggle and production. Work, pay bills repeat. Poverty is the reflection of greed in our nation that encourages success at the cost of our humanity. Poverty is a generational cycle that is inherited and becomes the anchor to all future success. It is often said that poverty is the effect of a lazy, uneducated nation, in reality, the poverty level family has at least one adult working at least 40 hours a week at a painstakingly back breaking job that the elite American would quiver at the thought of performing. The effect of Poverty is caused by lack of opportunities, greed, and generational circumstances One of the main causes of poverty is a lack of opportunities for growth and success. In 2006 there were 7.7 million families considered at or

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