Poverty Is An Issues Affecting All Parts Of The World

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Poverty, indeed is an issues affecting all parts of the world. There are many people that live under very bad conditions which can create dysfunctional families which ultimately can lead to delinquency. Studies have shown that children that come from poverty are more likely to commit in crime than those children that come from wealthier families. Studies in the Carolinas has shown that there is a reasonable link of poverty and violent crime among juveniles. From experience it is said that, “every law enforcement leader knows from years of experience that children immersed in poverty are more likely to turn into crime and research consistently confirms that,” (Cutting Crime by Cutting Child Poverty, 2015) this is true because children not being able to have the things they want and need are more prone in adhering in delinquent behavior. Research conducted by the University of Cambridge states that, “children from the poorest quarter of all families were two and a half times more likely to be convicted of a violent crimes as adults than children from the wealthier three quarters of all families in the study,” (Cutting Crime by Cutting Child Poverty, 2015) with this being correlated and ultimately affecting and/or causing delinquency in juveniles there are many things that should be done to prevent this. With a decrease in employment rates and getting cut in income, these are two major factors affecting many children because then their parents can’t provide as much as they

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