Powder By Tobias Wolff Analysis

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In the short story, “Powder”, by Tobias Wolff, one of the characters The Father has many different unique characteristics compared to other characters in the story.
The Father is spontaneous and carefree which is not a normal characteristic of a father. For example, while skiing the father continues wanting to go on more runs even when they could no longer see the trail. Which really shows that he can think on the spot even if it's a good or bad idea and doesn't think of the consequences like the safety of his son. Most fathers would make sure that their son is safe before anything else. In the same ways, he is kind of like a child where they don't really know right from wrong. The father only thinks about consequences once the actions have been made. “Your mother will never forgive me for this” Shows that although he promised his wife, the father only thinking about the consequences after the fact. This is a large characteristic of his because if he were to follow what the mother would say they would not be on the trip in the first place and having fun with his son. Even though the father does act like a child he shows that he is intelligent. For example, when he calls off the police they're able to get through the pass. Normally people won't think of it like, they don't think outside of the box yet he's able to. Another characteristic of his is that even though he has done a lot of …show more content…

He shows a son that it is okay to be a bit carefree and that he doesn't need to be so uptight about everything. He's like a father in that way that he is teaching his son a lesson he needs to learn about the world. For example, by the end of the story the son is able to relax enough to be able to just go with his father's plan of calling off the police to go through the pass. The character doesn’t just affect himself but also the characters around

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