Power And Revenge In Just Lather That's All By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Power and revenge are major themes in the short stories “Just Lather that’s All” by Hernando Tellez and “One of these Days” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Both of the protagonists and antagonists in the short stories get their fair end of being in control and in power. Corrupt power is represented through a military captain and a Mayor of a town. On the other hand, a barber and a dentist represent civilian power. This element of power is interchanged several times in these short stories.

TRANSITION WORD*In the story “Just Lather that’s All” the antagonist’s name is Captain Torres who executes rebels who go against him and his crew. In the Captain’s perspective, he perceives the rebels as bad people and in the barber’s point of view he believes the Captain is the bad guy. Captain Torrez walks inside a barbershop and puts his gun into his holster and hangs his weapon up by the door, at the front of the shop. Captain Torrez and the barber both recognize each other and realize their enemies. The Captain and the barber don’t act upon anything and continue on with their dilemma. The barber doesn’t deny service to the Captain. Therefore, Captain Torrez sits in the barber’s chair and at this point he becomes a customer. There is a reversal of power and the barber becomes in control of the situation and has a razor blade in his hand. The razor blade becomes a symbol of destiny because the barber can alter his fate. He can use the blade to kill his enemy and take revenge by turning his

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