Power, Gender Roles, And Wealth

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Killing, rape, and power have played a huge role in a human life. Why is war a huge problem? People are being killed, and being tortured every single day because of a violent act. Most people in the Ancient World are being taken for granted and their power is being taken away from them. In todays world there are so many new technology, different ways of living, and several new opportunities. This new period of time isn’t what is bringing people to war. War started happening long before. Even long before the war, hierarchy began to develop in the Ancient world, but wait a second what is hierarchy? Hierarchy is primary define as a system in which certain people are arranged according to their status, or how much authority they have. You …show more content…

The Nile River had the natural irrigation. The society was hierarchical, but less centralized, less urbanized. Egypt in compared to Mesopotamian they were very stable, optimistic and conservative, far less emphasis on slavery. What is civilization? Civilization is relatively a large population, specialization, and regulation, etc. The partnership with the river valleys increased the large population, and specialization. The two early civilizations are Mesopotamia and Egypt, which brought consequences based on stability vs. inequality. A hierarchy is a “rule of a high priest” when King Hammurabi of Babylon took over Mesopotamian he accomplished a law and his law code which was called “Hammurabi’s Code” (1800 B.C.E) gave us a portion view of the daily life of the ancient urban society. Even though the law code gave us an idea of people’s justice as well as punishment and discrimination it was noted that they didn’t always write everything that was happening. Why write a law code? Law codes are easy to follow and keeps everyone on the same page, but it is clear people don’t always follow the rules. Moreover, the law code help people express their concerns about the society, it was clear that not because they had a concern everyone who in the community had the same concern. For example, a couple of laws that were mentioned in Hammurabi’s Code were “6. If a man steals valuables

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