Power In The Prince By Machiavelli

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A Prince, who is the ruler of a state, faces many challenges in holding power. He is put to the test with the many choices made as a ruler. This includes choosing whether to be loved or feared, and choosing if the conquered shall be ruined. In addition, he must find a way to have the support of the people. In order to be a successful ruler, a prince has to have public order based on the rules of morality. On the other hand, in order to gain more power and keep power he has to break the same rules. This includes being ruthless, dishonest, and using people. In his book The Prince, Machiavelli suggests ways in which someone can acquire and hold power. He does this by urging that a prince be bold, and that at times he should be cruel, or else he will lose the support of his subjects resulting in the government being overthrown. In addition, he states that a prince should lie to his subjects, then lie again when caught. Besides that, he says a prince should lure others into trusting him then murder them. Machiavelli also says that a prince should hide behind others when he is caught for his offenses. In one section, while discussing mixed monarchies, Machiavelli discusses how it’s easier to conquer land that is similar culturally than to conquer land that isn’t similar culturally. There are problems that arise with a culturally different land. He writes about how changes are needed to be made if the area has a different language or way of life. To fix differences, he

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