Pphubbing Effect On Relationships

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Pphubbing Responsiveness to when a friend shares good or bad news is critical to maintaining friendships, but what is also noteworthy is how to behave when your friends are sharing any kind of information, even if it is seemingly unimportant. One particular scenario where this can be disrupted is when you are talking to a friend, and your friend starts looking at his or her cellphone as you are talking; this action is known as pphubbing. Specifically, pphubbing is defined as the “extent to which an individual uses or is distracted by his or her cell phone while in the company of his or her relationship partner” (Roberts and David, 2016, p. 131). Roberts and David (2016) explored the effect of pphubbing on the context of relationships and …show more content…

Eye contact is a powerful stimulator for feelings of affection and love as when you look someone directly in the eyes, their body produces a chemical called phenylethylamine which are associated with feelings of love (Charger, 2011). Lewis and Laird (1989) explored the effect of eye contact on affection. In their study, participants who were strangers exchanged a mutual unbroken gaze for 2 minutes while another set of participants were asked to stare at the other person’s hand. The researchers found that participants “who were gazing at their partner’s eyes, and whose partner was gazing back reported significantly higher feelings of affection than subjects in any other condition” (p. 145). This type of effect is typically associated with romantic love, but this activity was done on strangers, so it demonstrates that eye contact will have a significant effect on your relationship with friends as well. Furthermore, eye contact signals that you are attentive to the other individual – a trait that fosters friendships as described earlier. Despite the positive effects of eye contact based on research, it is important to be cognizant about the extent this is applied, as gazing at someone for too long can be uncomfortable or unsettling. Keeping this in mind, eye contact is a powerful tool that can assist in friendships, but it can also quickly be

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