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| RED BULL | Public Relations | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT * Arpan Gudkha- 14 * Akash Khetan – 19 * Lekh Bhatia – 22 * Neeraj Rengarajan – 27 * Rajat Hegde - 29 * Naren Mansukhani – 57 | We would like to thank our Professor Christine Dlima for this opportunity to put to test the theory we have been studying at college, and to go out into the real world and see how things work, for ourselves. We would like to greatly thank Mr Rohan Vyavaharkar(Head of Communications-Red Bull) and Ms.Sukhmani Singh( Communications Assistant-Red Bull) for their valuable time and abundance of information they shared with us, without which this project would not have been possible. INDEX | TOPIC | 1 | Introduction…show more content…
They are 2 times more expensive than competition and are still the leaders. This is only possible if your brand is incredibly strong. Not only do you need to have the right product and story to tell… but also a lot of money. While competition does traditional advertising they spend all the money sponsoring events in extreme sports, party life or the edgy cutlural scene being very present in sports, arts, music and party for young people PUBLIC RELATIONS ACTIVITIES- RED BULL KHETAN JAZZ THIS SLIDE UP WITH PICS AND WHAT NOT RED BULL RACING In 2004, Red Bull took over ‘Jaguar Racing’ , and since then hasn’t looked back. The team won the constructors championship just in its sixth year of coming into being, and one of its drivers won the 2010 World Championship Formula One is the ultimate when it comes to extreme sports, and it fits Red Bull’s profile perfectly. Advertising space on a formula one car is a very expensive proposition, and for good reason. Formula One is a high-end
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