Pre Assessment Analysis On The Hallway With A Pencil

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When I interviewed each student I asked them to join me in the hallway with a pencil. When we were in the hallway I talked with them for a minute and explained that I had a worksheet that I would like them to complete with me. I explained that it was not for a grade and that it was an assignment that I needed for my class. The purpose of this assessment was to see what these students know about how to read and interpret line plots. Once we were settled in the hallway I then asked each student if they knew what a line plot was and if they had ever worked with one before. They all said they had could not remember if they had ever seen one. I discussed with the teacher and she said that they have not worked with line plots or graphs this year but it is possible that they worked with them in second grade. Pre-Assessment Analysis For this assignment I conducted three interviews with students varying in mathematical skill level from low, medium, to high. The assessment that I chose to use with these students was a worksheet on interpreting line plots. The questions vary from determining the amount of X’s in a column, comparing columns, and interpreting which columns had more or less than nine X’s. These students have not worked on line plots this year, but that have had some exposure to them from previous grades. I interviewed these students so that I could understand what their basic concepts and background information were on line plots and measurement before I begin teaching

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