Compromises Of 1850

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The 1850s were a time of attempted compromise when compromise was no longer possible. The Union was becoming divided through many events in the time leading into the Civil War. The North and South had too many hostilities to account for. Socially, the North and the South could not stand what the other would do or say with anything. Politically, the government was completely divided and undecided. And economically, the South began to prosper as the North began to struggle. Thus, during the 1850s, socially, politically, and economically there was not any compromise that could fix the problems beginning to occur. In the 1850s, the North and South could not agree on anything and were in constant disagreements. In 1850, Henry Clay created …show more content…

This made the south feel that slavery was okay since they took care of their slaves providing them food, clothing, and shelter. This would make the slavery issue more undecided since it seemed humanely correct. It would create a more difficult way to compromise since they all knew it was wrong, but there were also rights of it. The literature made the compromise almost impossible to be agreed upon since the reasons were so indecisive towards if slavery was correct or wrong. Another issue also created stir in the country and that was Harper’s Ferry. Harper’s Ferry was when John Brown captured an idea of arming and freeing slaves. He thought slaves would help, but he was wrong. He fought with the army, captured, tried, and hung. The North condemned the violence but the South did not believe them and saw Brown’s raids as final proof the North’s true intentions, to use slave revolts to destroy the south. This showed that there would not be any more compromise to go over since the South felt they knew exactly what was happening and wouldn’t take anything for an answer. The countries people were fighting and there was nothing to do. On the other hand, politicians were in an uproar on what should be done and could not come to a solution for anything. The government had become divided into two over the problems that were being started in the country. One of the first incidents was the

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