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Over the last fifteen to twenty years, and especially since 2008, more and more Americans are getting their news from non-traditional media sources such as on-line news or social media. Few things have changed so significantly as the media, and the way in which Americans consume information. Non-traditional news programs such as the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have become increasingly popular. Although these shows may be dismissed by some as legitimate news sources, studies show viewers of Stewart and Colbert are among the best informed in the country.
Another example of non-traditional media that is fairly new is that of John Oliver, a British comedian, who became a star when he filled in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show for a few …show more content…

Weinman references Ellen E. Jones thinking that, the key reason for this is "he does what he does with a sense of humor and an awareness of cultural sensitivities”.
According to Weinman, there are multiple reasons that Oliver’s new show has been a success thus far. To maximize the exposure of his show to viewers, Weinman references how, “At a time when other TV studios are hoarding their content, trying to keep it on their own sites, Oliver 's producers have made a deliberate decision to free up his routines and make them as widely accessible as possible”. Weinman points out key segments are uploaded to the show 's official account on YouTube the day after Oliver’s show airs. Jaime Weinman ultimately claims, “The combination of a huge online presence and a genuine activist spirit could make Oliver 's show something we 've never seen before: a comedy show that gets results”.
What are some of the benefits to these different news sources? What are some of the drawbacks? Our class lecture notes reference several benefits to online news that make it more popular than, and even preferred to traditional news sources. First it is rather convenient. We do not live lives that allow us to be at home and in front of a television at a certain time, but most of us can find ten or fifteen minutes a day to get online and catch up on world events. We can get an app for a certain site, allowing us to receive alerts about breaking stories. In other words, in today’s

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