Precious Metals : The Wasecan People Essay

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Located deep in the Taisto desert, the Wasecan people can be found. The Taisto desert is surrounded by an ocean on the east and west sides of the land with a mountain range located to the north. The Keiko mountain range is composed of moderately high peaks with a few active volcanoes. Therefore, seismic activity is a problem that is often experienced by the Wasecan people. The Wasecan people thrive off fruits and vegetables that grow in their semi – arid climate, such as olives, grapes, and corn. The people also live off small game such as lizards and indigenous snakes, and fishing off the coastal regions is also a primary food source. Aside from the food trade in the country, the main industry of the country is mining in the Keiko mountain range. Precious metals are a huge commodity in the society, indicating social status and profession. The society is centered around the autocratic-hereditary government that runs the country. The ruler follows the influence of their families’ ideas and thoughts with very little original ideas being implemented. Despite the system of government, the society has many freedoms and liberties to do as they please. Slightly lower in ranking than the family that runs the society, the upper class can be found. The members of this class are composed of people who are craftsmen, mining operations heads, and trading company owners. A majority of the wealth is spread throughout this class and, as a result, most of the economic power and

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