Precognitive Police, By Henrick Karoliszyn

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"Precognitive Police," by Henrick Karoliszyn, addresses what police are doing about violence in cities across the country. Many police departments are using precognitive policing. Precognitive policing can range from computer programs to DNA analysis. Precognitive policing is the up-and-coming method used by police departments across the country. Many are starting to believe that the this method will be the solution to many of the nation's crimes. But with many different ways of precognitive policing, who's to say what is best, or maybe all methods should be used together. Karoliszyn’s idea to start off this essay discussed an awful occurrence the reader could sympathize with, “When a troubled young man named Adam Lanza stormed into …show more content…

According to “Can We Sue the Web,” the system has a lot of kinks that still need to be worked out. “Can We Sue the Web” reads, “This century's next great legal challenge will be to make those responsible for complex systems accountable for their actions, says Kate Crawford, who works for Microsoft Research.” This statement refers to the fact that the system makes wrongful judgments at times for lack of credit card activity and wrongful understandings of radiation sensors. I believe these computer systems to be very effective for precognitive policing, but there are many issues that need to be fixed before claiming this system 100% effective. Another example Karoliszyn uses in his article on predictive policing is the idea that genetic makeup could potentially be a cause of violent behavior. He states, “In years to come, many legal experts speculate, brain scans and DNA analysis could help to identify potential criminals at the young age of three.” The warrior gene is one of the things that scientist are looking for in these DNA tests and brain scans. This gene codes for the monoamine oxidase enzyme (MAOA). In “The Warrior Gene: Epigenetic Considerations,” it talks about the actions of those with the warrior gene. “Antisocial and violent behavior may or may not be associated with psychological measures that indicate an underlying personality disorder,” states the author of “The Warrior Gene: Epigenetic

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