Predator Control And Rancher 's Attitudes

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General Overview After reading the article Predator control and rancher’s attitudes, I have decided to reject this paper for the following reasons. Overall, the article submitted for review was poorly written and constructed. While this article has some interesting points regarding livestock owners and their attitudes towards methods of ameliorating the predatory pests. It does not however, present hardly any relevant or important scientific information to the field of recreation management. There is nothing specific that informs the readers as to why anyone inside or outside the recreation management field should care about the ban on poisoning predators. Although poisoning of wild predators could be a potential problem for recreation…show more content…
Unfortunately, its subtlety made the reference later in the paper hard to understand. Buys does a good job of explaining the problems caused by the poison ban, however, it makes the paper biased. He presents no major fact based citations within this section and openly admits to using the data collected to legitimize stereotypes based off of the environmentalists’ and ranchers’ definitions. Buys provides no background information as to why the ban was imposed in the first place, which would be markedly important if the ban was being reconsidered. The introduction sections could have used more literature to back his arguments as well as give them some credibility. Additional literature would have been beneficial for background information and other studies conducted in regards to this same type of research project and why it should hold importance amongst the recreation management field. Methods The methods in this paper consisted of one questionnaire with a 43% response rate. Considering that this sample had been 900 ranchers selected from a lot of 2,500 people total, only 300 people responded. Making the response yield in my opinion, not representative of the majority. This questionnaire asked a series of opinions and had them scored on a scale of 1-7; 7 being the best and 1 being the worst. It was admitted that one of the items had been reversed scored. Reversing the scoring on a scale becomes problematic in collecting data

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