Pregnant Teen Support Planning : Teenage Pregnancy

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Pregnant Teen Support Planning

There is nearly 750000 teen pregnancies every year. Parenthood 's the leading reason that teen girls dropout of school. Aid young parents by setting up a babysitting club so they can take GED classes.("11 Facts About Teen Pregnancy") Pregnant teens should have a support group because teen pregnancy is one of the major problems in today 's society.

The Health Visiting Service is a workforce of specialist community public health nurses who provide expert advice, support and interventions to families with children in the first years of life, and help parents to make decisions that affect their family’s future health and wellbeing.("A National Health Service" 31-36)The Social Exclusion Unit’s reporting Teenage Pregnancy has highlighted the increased risks of poor health and social outcomes faced by teenage parents and their children. These included: a 60% higher rate of infant mortality; a 25% increased risk of low birth weight babies; and three times the rate of postnatal depression. teen mothers were reported as having low educational attainment.Despite negative facts, this publication made clear that poor outcomes were not inevitable if the needs of young parents were met with specialist tailored support. In response to this, the Sure Start Plus pilot initiative was established in 2001, as a specific project within the Teenage Pregnancy program. The aim of the pilot was to test models of specialist support for teenagers who were pregnant or
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