High School Dropout Rates And Teen Pregnancy

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High School dropout rates have been a problem since the word high school became a term. To begin, a study researched by Education Week, Rumberger interprets “...The nation 's leading education periodical estimates that 1.3 million students from the high school class of 2010 failed to graduate” (Rumberger 61). Taking those findings you can go a step further and narrow the field to one of the causes of dropout rates, which is teen pregnancy. By focusing on teen pregnancy your able to narrow down the field of research and solve one problem at a time. According to Rumberger “...68 percent of young women who had a child by age eighteen had completed high school by age twenty – two compared to 94 percent of young women who did not experience a teen birth” (1294). These numbers can translate into discovering solutions to fix the dropout rates of pregnant teenagers. Discovering the needs of pregnant teenagers and teen mothers will lead to an understanding evolving into solutions to prevent pregnant teens from dropping out of high school. Allowing for the increase of female graduates. Fixing one problem of high school dropouts allows for other possibilities in other areas. Therefore, by developing after school programs with counseling, along with programs to prepare for the future and to provide child care services for single mothers the numbers will increase of students finishing high school. Generally speaking, pregnancy for teenage girls, ages fourteen through eighteen

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