Pregnantin In A Dream Peyton Fahrquhar Analysis

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“Livin’ in a Dream” Peyton Fahrquhar is a plantation owner who sincerely regrets his decision to go the enemy post. Pushed by the lust to help his country he made the decision to burn down the bridge where the enemy is posted. Although Peyton was not able to do that, he was caught in the act and sentenced to hang. In the moments before his death he is unable the handle the consequences of his endeavor: leaving his wife and children without protection, enabling the enemy to take control of his land and resources, and not to mention standing in the face of death. He lets his mind wonder to the dream of escaping, a narrow escape, still valiant and hero worthy. He thinks of the beauty of the land he lives in. “All is as he left it, and all …show more content…

2). Giving that Peyton says he knew he would recognize the moment when he can receive distinction, a moment that comes to all in the time of war, this was his moment, even - or perhaps especially- if it meant being hanged. Although he would come to desperately regret his un-disciplined eagerness for said distinction. The ramifications of his actions not only affect him, but every other character in the story. The soldiers know where he lives, and with him embracing the call of his death they have easy access to his house and recourses. Peyton’s regret of what he’s done, forces him to slip into an altered reality. Slowly falling into the dream of going home. His wife welcomes him home without worry of where he was all night or how torn up and dirty he is. The fact that he thinks of his wife and children as unaffected means he was not prepared for the emotional consequences, for him nor his family. Not only did he betray his family but in some ways, it could be said that he betrayed the Southern stance he was so quick to forward. With him gone the soldiers now had privilege to the safety of his house, the plenty of his crops, and the advantage of his land. Not being trained as a soldier, he may not have been aware the effects of the absence of his presence on the enemy. [This is pretty much about how the author uses symbolisms to further enhance the feelings and thought of Peyton. (Super unfinished part)] Strength to

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